Gender inequality at work.

In most of the countries,gender inequality has become a horrific social evil.for instance,let’s take an example of USA.In USA,women get less wages than men and india ,a huge example of gender inequality ,in late 20th century, women had no rights to study they didn’t go to do work as per their parents.we should understand the values of women.women should do what they want.

 This topic is very much appealing to me. In my opinion, women are actually better managers than men. This is because women are the most manageable ones. As we can see, in today’s scenario, women are doing their household chores at home and are also stepping outside of their houses to work in offices to share their earnings with their family members and earn their livelihood.

They are capable of doing their work at home as well as in their offices. And we can see that girls are being the topper now instead of boys. Being a manager, a manager needs to be strong, manageable, intelligent and the one who can control and encourage his or her subordinates with patience. And women have all these capabilities in them.

Many a time we hear that women make good managers. It is to some extent true cause women have designed themselves to manage everything at the same time. From the very past women used to do all the household works without the family’s support then they started education against all the social odds. Still, they managed their lives in both education as well as household activities. Then they entered the workforce to offer a hand in the family finances but that didnot free them from houseworks. Today, also we see many women who manage children & husband before leaving home for office then manages office life efficiently and after a day’s heat they again take the charge of household affairs.

 So being a good manager is intrinsic in women but then also we cannot neglect the part of management studies which further improve one’s efficiency. So if women can learn the theoretical part then she is well equipped to handle the practical part in life. So for me yes women do make good managers.


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